The 2017 program is available for download . Please note that this program is subject to change before the event. There are also maps of all the interactive display positions in the arena for your viewing.

Towards Zero

Here is another clip of the Western Sydney Wanderers and Tristan Kenn... Thursday, January 12, 2017

Western Sydney Wanderers Towards Zero

Please watch the Western Sydney Wanderers and Tristan Kennedy getting... Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Channel 10 news footage bstreetsmart 2016

Channel 10 news footage bstreetsmart 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016

Our school was fortunate enough to view the bstreetsmart road safety

event at Allphones arena this week. I would like to sincerely thank the

volunteers, organisers and sponsors of this event for an outstanding

presentation. The big message  that our students received from this forum

is the power of the passengers in influencing the driver to slow down

and behave responsibly. It pulls no punches and it was a powerful

experience and I encourage all principals to explore sending students

from their school to next years event. Thanks once again to all



I will remember the outcomes of stupid choices.

Extremely powerful and emotion provoking. I think every teenager needs to witness something like that.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I become a Volunteer and who can be a volunteer?

Volunteers must be part of an organisation / company in order to volunteer at the forum.

You must be over 18 years of age.
Q: What information do I need to provide to become a volunteer?

You will need to let us know what organisation you are affiliated with. You also need to tell us what days you are available to volunteer.

We need your name, contact number and email address (if you have one) in order for us to send you out information. If you do not have an email address, please supply us with a postal address.

You need to download and sign the Qudos Bank Arena Safety card and bring it with you on the day.

You need to provide us with insurance details ( from your place of employment or organisation you are affiliated with)
Q: How do I get there, maps of the venue, what happens on the day of the event?

All this information is available on the website under the volunteer section
Q: Where do I park?

Parking is in the P1 carpark. The cost is fully subsidised by bstreetsmart.

Parking tickets must be handed in to the staff at the external cloakroom first thing in the morning when you get your name tag and you will be able to pick up a subsidized ticket in return.

Please make sure you do this early in the morning as the Qudos Bank Arena Staff will only be giving us the tickets once a day.
Interactive Display Holders

Q: How do I become an Interactive Display Holder?

Please contact the event organisers (emails and contact numbers are found in the contact us section) to discuss your organisation becoming involved in bstreetsmart.
Q: I am a sponsor and I need information on my interactive display on the event?

Most of the information you will require is in the interactive display section of the bstreetsmart event.
If you require further information, please contact the event organisers.
Q: How do I get there, maps of the venue, what happens on the day of the event?

Maps of the venue are available under the interactive display section

A copy of the program will be available in the schools section.

You will receive a map from the organisers of where your display will be situated during bstreetsmart and it will be available on the website under interactive display floor plan.

Q: Where do I go to unload and bump in my display?

For Interactive displays with cars as part of their display, bump in must be done during the following times:

Cars bump in for concourse Monday 1400 – 1500 through the main doors via Olympic Boulevard.  OR

Tuesday 0630 – 0800 Cars for the concourse

For all general bump in, it is via the loading dock on Edwin Flack Avenue

Monday 1200 – 1600

Tuesday 0630 - 0800

 Your allocated areas will be marked on the map given to you and will be available on the website when it is completed.

 Bump out on the Thursday needs to be done after the students have all left after 2 pm particularly for any cars that need to be driven around the concourse. Bump out must be completely finished on the Thursday.

Q: Where do I park on the days?

Parking is in the P1 carpark. The cost is fully subsidised by bstreetsmart.

Parking tickets must be handed in to the staff at the external cloakroom first thing in the morning when you get your name tag and you will be able to pick up a subsidized ticket in return.
Please make sure you do this early in the morning as the Qudos Bank Arena Staff will only be giving us the tickets once a day.
Q: How do we register to attend the event?

Please register through the website by clicking on the banner “register for the event”.

A confirmation email will be sent to you to inform you of your schools booking. If you do not receive this email , please contact  Chapin Ayres
Q: Is there a cost to schools to attend the forum?
bstreetsmart is  mainly funded by the NSW Government to make this event accessible to all schools. The  cost to the schools will be $5.00 + GST per student from 2016.

Q: What is in the teachers section?

The teachers section contains all the information and forms required to attend bstreetsmart.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the organisers.
Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare my students before attending bstreetsmart?

As the bstreetsmart crash scenario can be quite confronting to students, it would be advisable to ask students beforehand if they have recently had a friend / relative be seriously injured or die in a car crash and take appropriate steps to check if it would be suitable for them to attend.

Counsellors are available at the event for any student / teacher who become distressed.

Q: If my school has to cancel, who do I contact?

Chapin Ayres as soon as you can to cancel your school. As this event is heavily booked, there is a waiting list of schools wishing to attend so your prompt attention to this will ensure that other schools do not miss out.
Q: Does the forum provide transport for schools?

Transport to and from bstreetsmart is the responsibility of the schools.

There is a train station at Olympic Park with a short walk ( less than 5 minutes) to the venue.

Coach parking is available ( maps are available under the school section in the bstreetsmart event)

Q: Is food available for purchase at the arena?

Food is available for purchase at the venue. This is available through the venues food outlets and bstreetsmart has no control on what types of food available.

Q: Can my students bring their own food?

Yes students may bring their own food to the forum.

Q: Do you have a risk assessment form?

A risk assessment is available to download under the school section of bstreetsmart event.

Q: What happens at bstreetsmart?
The forum is a one-day program held at Qudos Bank Arena that is repeated over 3 days

The morning session is focused on the crash scenario, which includes the lead up to a car crash involving 3 young people and a motorcyclist. The scenario shows the interaction of the rescue services at a crash scene and the potential consequences of being involved in a crash as well as the patient's journey through the hospital from the emergency department to rehabilitation. 

Following the crash scenario, 2 presenters from the Brain Injury Unit at Westmead Hospital who have all suffered a traumatic brain injury as either a pedestrian, passenger or driver of a car, give talks about their experiences which is a powerful reminder of how trauma can affect anyone.

There is then information from Transport for NSW and other road safety information.

There is then a period of time where students can go to the interactive displays available on both the arena floor as well as around the main concourse.

The afternoon session of the program includes a speaker who has sustained a spinal injury due to a car crash and a presentation from a mother who lost her daughter through texting and driving. There is also a  live stopping distance demonstration.
Q: Do you have wheelchair access?

Wheelchair access is available at Qudos Bank Arena .

Please contact Chapin Ayres if you have any students in a wheelchair attending the forum so  your school can be seated appropriately.
Q: Do you have capabilities for hearing impaired students?
 Qudos Bank Arena has an FM transmitter. This can be used with a portable FM radio and headphones. It operates on the frequency 89.5 and can be used by students with a hearing defecit.
Q: Can you bring the event to our region?

Unfortunately, due to the cost and time need to arrange such a large event, it is not possible to reproduce the event at this stage.
bstreetsmart is now being live streamed  during the event and is available to all schools in Australia. DVD's are also in the process of being developed if live streaming is not an option for your school. ( see further information under webcast)
Q: What happens if we cannot sign the media consent form?

We still require you to fill in the media consent form crossing out the relevant parts and fax back to the organisers.

If a school is unable to give media consent, their names will not be given to the media for interview / photos.
Q: Is there seating for teachers during the Interactive Display Period?
In the past, teachers have requested a seating area reserved for them. TfNSW are now sponsoring a teachers  lounge during the interactive break and providing free lunch as well as information for the teachers. 
Please note, teachers are responsible for their student’s behaviour while attending the forum. A school may be asked to leave if there is unacceptable behaviour. Sadly, previous experience has found some destruction of property has occurred particularly in the toilets which has cost the event large amounts of money to replace.
Q: Can teachers leave Qudos Bank Arena during the event?
Qudos Bank Arena is locked down during the event so students are not allowed to leave (except with teacher’s permission or with an accompanying teacher). This does not mean that students are allowed to go outside to smoke. Teachers will be allowed outside but the only available door to exit through is in the Grand Foyer (on the right).
Q: What do I do if one of my students becomes distressed?
The crash scenario at the beginning of the program can be confronting to some students. We request that you discuss this with your students before they attend and inform your students that councellors are available to assist every day. Students  / Teachers should approach a volunteer who will take them to the councellors room or they can go themselves to the First Aid Room near Door 14 on the Main Concourse.


Q: What happens at the event?

The day will include an exciting combination of demonstrations, crash dynamics and rescue and active exhibits.

The forum will include displays relating to youth trauma and safety.

Please see the teachers FAQ and  program for further details
Q: How can I get my school involved?

If your school is not registered to attend bstreetsmart, please tell your Year advisor or PDHPE teacher about the event and tell them to check out the website.
Q: The event really affected me, do you have counseling?

Counsellors are available at the event to assist you if you are feeling distressed.

Students should approach a volunteer who will take them to the counsellors room or they can go themselves to the First Aid Room near Door 14 on the Main Concourse.

Q: My child’s school is not attending the event, can he /she still attend?

A student can attend bstreetsmart even if their school is not coming, but they must be accompanied by an adult for the whole event.

We encourage parents to let their schools know that their child will be attending the event.

The student must be in Year 10 or above.
Please contact   Chapin Ayres to book your child in.
Details required:
  • Name of parent / adult attending
  • Email address
  • Mobile Number
  • Students name and year at school
  • How many sudents coming ( if you are bringing more than 1)

Q: How can my state / territory organize an event like this and who do we contact?

Please contact the event organisers for further information.